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by Carlota del Valle

C is for Dance


Childhood is magic

Childhood is magic, is the best moment for kids to learn, interconnect and discover. Education is as important in school as it is outside.

Specially in Dance, education not only has to do with the kid’s minds, also importantly with their BODY, a sanctuary that has to be PROTECTED and well trained.

Some practices we see Dance teachers use like pushing or pulling students legs and body parts to stretch; promoting the use of stretch bands, blocks, and turning boards without the supervision of a physiotherapist, and putting young dancers in character, heels or pointe shoes and encouraging them to do tricks their developing and growing body is not ready to do, constitute a HUGE RISK of injuries.

Young Dancers are still growing and developing muscles, bones and ligaments, and any exercise or Dance routine you make them do directly affects their mental and physical health. There is research that support this fact.

In DV Dance we believe that any Person / Dancer that does not have a proper knowledge in Injury Prevention, a minimum of a First Aid Certificate a background check and the proper age to have a artistic/technical curriculum, SHOULD NOT BE TEACHING DANCE, and most importantly should not be TEACHING KIDS OR YOUNG DANCERS.

You can visit to learn about our Teacher Faculty, our certifications & Resumes, and what we do on a daily basis to make DV Dance a Healthy, Safe and professional environment, that promotes the correct Training Development in Dancers all ages.

A personal note for parents: Try to do research before you enroll your kid in a Dance studio. Don’t be fooled by monthly prices (low/high) and by the “activities” or “grades” Dance studios offer for your kids. Take time and attention in the academy or studio Pen-sum and the techniques they offer.

And pay special attention to the TEACHERS and STAFF...

Are they >>> Real and trained Dance Teachers or only entrepreneurs with a business to run, without the proper knowledge of Dance Technique? Do they as a Director or studio put underage Dancers to teach younger Dancers or kids? Are they just local studio Dance students who suddenly decided to run a business in Dance???

Remember you wouldn’t go to a Paralegal and ask or expect them to do a Lawyers job. You wouldn’t take your kid to your Doctor’s son or daughter who is still to young to have finish Medicine School just because is your doctor’s family.

There are a lot of choices you can do for your child’s safety, choosing the right Dance studio is one of them.

Changing Dance environment in Guatemala to a Safe, Healthy and Professional one;


Carlota del Valle

DV Dance Founder, Principal and Executive Director.


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