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KC Monnie


Originally from Seattle, Washington, KC moved to LA after receiving a scholarship from EDGE Performing Arts Center in Hollywood. Most recently, he has danced in the FOX live event, “GREASE LIVE!” directed by Tommy Kail. KC can be seen in feature films such as: “LA LA LAND”,“TED 2”,Disney’s “TEEN BEACH 2”, “TEEN BEACH MOVIE”, where he plays the NERD and a Biker. KC has danced in five seasons of the FOX hit show GLEE as a Dancer/Warbler. He has been in numerous performances on Dancing With The Stars over the past seven seasons choreographed by Mandy Moore, CHRIS SCOTT, Dee Caspary, Marty Kedelka, Marguerite Derricks, and Kenny Ortega.

KC’s class specializes in a strong CORE foundation. He believes that no dance style can be accomplished unless one understands the importance of a strong center. Innovative and unique, KC creates choreography that incorporates everything, producing a movement with fresh ideas. His passion in life is teaching and choreography, focused on keeping jazz and true technique alive while bringing originality to his art. More than anybody, KC is greatly inspired by GENE KELLY and BOB FOSSE! His choreography has gone on to win many awards.

KC is one of LA’s most sought after, up and coming choreographers. After 10 years of experience in the commercial dance world he has started to make his mark in the choreography world. With his mixture of classic and innovative style, KC’s choreography brings to life a fusion of many varieties. From old Hollywood to Ballroom, Tap, Technique and Hip Hop, He is proficient in all types of movement. Other credits include, Easy A, 2 Skechers commercials, Shania Twain’s world tour and Associate Choreographer to Director Kenny Ortega. He was trained and mentored by Emmy award winning choreographer Mandy Moore and Glee’s Zach Woodlee. Most recently, KC choreographed a contemporary duet for Season 16 of FOX’s hit show, “So You Think You Can Dance.”

KC has recently worked as Dancer and assistant Choreographer in Disney’s Disenchanted. 

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